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tenchu anyone?!

2008-10-08 10:27:56 by psychomantis9

im currently creatig Tenchu: Awesome, its gonna be good!!

i got bored in science and thought of an idea! VV

tenchu anyone?!


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2008-10-09 20:07:06


psychomantis9 responds:

your mum sucked my what?


2008-10-15 18:04:08

Good luck, Tenchu is such an underrated game series.

Also, try giving some of your style too instead of all Egoraptors..


2008-10-17 00:41:50

if you think awesome=frontpage learn not to count your chickens

psychomantis9 responds:

i am not counting my chickens my friend, as for me to be on front page is for the iraq war to stop tommorow